Sunshine State Snowbirds, Prevent Mold While You’re Away

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As the weather back home warms up and the end of your stay in Florida nears, it’s time to give some thought to prepping your home for mold prevention while you’re away.

We’ve treated a number of homes where mold became a problem because some precautions weren’t taken.

We’ve devised this simple list of things that will help prevent that from happening to you.

(And if it already has, and you’re seeing this at the same time you’re returning to Florida and wondering what to do now that mildew or mold have already grown, please give us a call: We can help.)

Snowbirding Simplified

Our welcome “Florida Snowbirds” are people, usually retirees, who migrate from the colder northern parts of the U.S., Canada, or other colder climates to Florida for the winter months, in order to enjoy the weather, warmth, and beaches of the Sunshine State. They, or you, often own or rent a vacation home in Florida where they stay during their trips, and then return to their primary residence when the weather warms up in Spring.

Snowbird Home Prep for Mold/Mildew Prevention

To prepare your Florida vacation home for while you’re away, and to prevent mold and mildew, do as many of the following as are possible:

  1. Set Your A/C: Set your A/C to maintain a temperature that’s low enough to keep humidity down, but not so low as to rocket your electrical bill unnecessarily. Around 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature that helps control humidity while preventing excessive energy use.
  2. Use a Dehumidifier: If your home is in a particularly humid area, a dehumidifier can help, and it can often be less costly than running the A/C—since the purpose of running the A/C is to control humidity in the first place. Some thermostats have a “dehumidify” setting which can be used to control both temperature and humidity.
  3. Maintain Air Circulation, But Don’t Open Exterior Windows: Ensure air can circulate freely between rooms throughout the home. Leave interior doors, closets, and cabinets open.
  4. Inspect for Leaks and Repair: Before leaving, inspect your home for leaks and treat any you find.
  5. Clean: Removing food, crumbs, or other organic materials is a given, and could help prevent mold growth. Keep things clean and dry.
  6. Check Drainage: Ensure exterior drainage systems are clear and functioning properly so that water doesn’t accumulate near your home’s foundation.
  7. Secure the Home: Lock windows and doors to reduce the chances of water intrusion due to storms or unexpected weather.
  8. Arrange for Regular Check-Ins: If possible, arrange for a trusted neighbor, friend, or property management service to check on your home periodically. They can help catch issues early, like leaks or HVAC system failures, which could lead to mold problems.
  9. Consider Smart Home Devices: Smart thermostats, humidity sensors, and water sensors, can be monitored and controlled remotely by you while you’re away. This simple and inexpensive technology can alert you to changes in your home’s environment that may require attention.
  10. Prune or Check Landscaping: Trim trees and bushes away from the home to improve airflow and reduce the risk of branches damaging your home during storms.
  11. Special Furniture and Belongings: Store valuable items in climate-controlled environments if they are sensitive to heat or humidity.

By taking these precautions, Florida Snowbirds can help ensure that their vacation homes remain mold and mildew-free during the months they are away, making for a much more pleasant return to their winter retreat.

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Stephanie K.
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I'll start by saying Alisha from the word go was fantastic and brandon when he came out put me at ease. See I got taken by another company for thousands of dollars .The team hats off to you Devin, Heather,Monica thank you for doing such a caring job and giving us back are home in a condition we could be safe in and start the build back process. Devin and Alisha thank you for responding to every question we had . I will recommend you to whomever has to go through this type of horrible experience. You guys handled it with compassion and integrity and that in itself is a dieing trait So many thanks to you all....
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Mold solutions just remediated mold in my air handler and ductwork throughout my home. They were very thorough. I was impressed with their knowledge of mycotoxins from mold and the seriousness of mold. All of the staff that I interacted with was patient, friendly, helpful and efficient. They kept me informed and I was super happy that the entire home was dry fogged with pet friendly ingredients. My two cats and I had to go out on the patio for 3 hours as the dry fog did it's thing. They kept me informed and let me know when it was perfectly safe to go back inside. Trustworthy, efficient and nice.
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