Mold-Free Living:

Preventing Mold in a Humid Climate

Learn to quickly detect and easily prevent mold and mildew at home in a humid climate.

“Picture this: My one-month-old son, gasping for air, three days in a row. My wife's ready to rush to the emergency room...”
Brandon Faust
Founder, Mold Solutions
Founder, Real Duct CLeaning

6 Years. 3,000 Homes.

Mold-Free Living distills the most important tips and takeaways from 6 years of work dealing with mold in over 3,000 Florida homes.

$22.00 Value

You'll be shocked at how helpful, thorough, and actionable this e-book is.

Protect Your Home

We've seen it time and again. Mold and mildew can damage your home and belongings.

Protect Your Health

Many people are allergic to mold, and a byproduct of some common molds (called a mycotoxin) can impact your health.

Over 25 Tips

Education is too important to outsource. The Mold-Free Living e-book was written by mold specialist Brandon Faust.

3,000 Jobs Distilled

What you'll read are the key takeaways from mold removal, prevention, and remediation projects in more than 3,000 homes.

Zero Obligations

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Teach me the fastest and easiest ways to keep myself and my family safe from mold, mildew, and other indoor air quality hazards.

Mold-Free Living

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