Reduce Home Humidity With a Broken A/C

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Reducing indoor home humidity without a functioning air conditioning (A/C) system can be challenging, especially in humid climates, but there are several strategies you can use to manage moisture levels:

12 Ways to Reduce Home Humidity When Your A/C is Broken

  1. Ventilation: Increase airflow by opening windows and doors when outdoor humidity is lower than indoors. Use exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens to vent moist air directly outside.
  2. Dehumidifiers: Use portable dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. These can be particularly effective in high-humidity areas like basements or bathrooms.
  3. Fans: Circulate air with ceiling fans or standing fans to help evaporate moisture and keep the air moving.
  4. Avoid Adding Moisture: Minimize activities that generate humidity, such as boiling water, taking long showers, or drying clothes indoors. If you must do these things, make sure to ventilate the area well.
  5. Fix Leaks: Repair any plumbing leaks or areas where water may be entering your home to prevent additional moisture from accumulating.
  6. Increase Plants: Some houseplants can help absorb humidity from the air. However, be careful not to overwater them as this can add to the humidity.
  7. Use Moisture Absorbers: Products like desiccant bags, silica gel, or moisture absorber buckets can help soak up humidity in small areas like closets or cabinets.
  8. Insulation and Weather Stripping: Proper insulation and weather stripping can prevent moist outside air from entering your home.
  9. Cooking and Showering: Use lids on pots while cooking to reduce steam, and take shorter, cooler showers.
  10. Line Dry Clothes Outside: Dry clothes outside instead of inside to prevent moisture from the drying clothes from increasing indoor humidity.
  11. Shade and Reflective Barriers: Use shades, blinds, or reflective window films to block out heat and reduce the temperature inside your home, which can help lower humidity levels.
  12. Maintain Gutters and Downspouts: Ensure that gutters and downspouts are clean and directing water away from your home’s foundation to prevent moisture intrusion.

Working A/C is Ideal, Try to Fix Quickly

While these 12 tips and suggestions can help reduce humidity, they’re not be as effective as a properly working A/C system.

Thus it’s best to repair or replace your broken A/C as soon as possible to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels and comfort. In the meantime, the above 12 tips and tricks should help you get by.

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Mold solutions just remediated mold in my air handler and ductwork throughout my home. They were very thorough. I was impressed with their knowledge of mycotoxins from mold and the seriousness of mold. All of the staff that I interacted with was patient, friendly, helpful and efficient. They kept me informed and I was super happy that the entire home was dry fogged with pet friendly ingredients. My two cats and I had to go out on the patio for 3 hours as the dry fog did it's thing. They kept me informed and let me know when it was perfectly safe to go back inside. Trustworthy, efficient and nice.
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